About the Zantastic Podcast


Zantastic is a podcast at the intersection of human potential, creativity and the technology that supports all of us. We discuss the most important mindset shifts that help us discover who we really are.

We talk about the human story of finding self actualization and value fulfillment. Our guests are creative entrepreneurs and professionals who had a dream and found a way to bring it to life, and have never stopped dreaming.

Max & Kathy

Your Host: Kathy Zant

Kathy, pictured here with her son Max, is a creative professional focused on empowering others through supporting the creative expression of their passions. She has been a frequent contributor within the WordPress community in empowering people through security education, building with WordPress blocks, and building businesses on the world’s most popular content management platform.

Producer: Max Clavelli

Max has been producing short films, podcast episodes, and music videos longer than Kathy has been doing podcasts. His YouTube short films continue to attract attention. Max runs an eCommerce business in the natural health niche, but loves helping Kathy with her media projects.

why we started zantastic

In mid 2021, I went through a shift. As I explored who I am and what I wanted to do next, I realized that I needed to get back to a little more of who I am and why I am on the planet.

In a conversation with a friend that helped me distill this, I mentioned to my friend that they had really helped. I said, “You are so fantastic.” My friend said, “Well, you’re Zantastic.” We laughed. I looked to see if the domain was available, and immediately saw Zantastic.me. Even better. Registered.

Wine may have been involved. I had no idea what I would do with this site.

Later that year, my husband had a catastrophic stroke. Everything except keeping him alive took a back burner, including any ideas of what to do. As we found our new normal, it became apparent that I needed to spend more time focused on the things that make me happy.

A couple of conversations later, I found it. Human empowerment. This is why we are here. It is our motivation to bring a greater awakening of human potential to everyone on earth.